We help health
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life-changing care
to seniors.

What We Do

Greenbrook Medical was founded to improve the health and well-being of seniors.  We began on our own, but as the saying goes… “If you want to go far, go together.”  We build high-touch primary care practices for seniors on behalf of our health system partners.

Why Partner?

Improve primary care access

Primary care access remains a challenge, and is only getting harder with the growing physician shortage. Build a larger primary care network with attractive job opportunities for primary care physicians.

Create specialized primary care experiences

Seniors need, and deserve, different levels of care. Focus your existing capacity on your commercially-insured patients, while we build a purpose-built, branded primary care experience just for seniors within your system.

Improve health outcomes for your senior patients

Our high-touch model includes concierge-level access and lots of preventative care, meaning lower readmissions and less utilization of your health system’s resources by patients with Medicare Advantage plans.

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

33+ years experience in senior-focused model.

Consistent and outstanding patient experience, with a Patient Net Promoter Score of 96.

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