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Healthcare is a complicated mess, and no one suffers from that mess more than seniors. Most seniors face many health problems, and often lack the money, support networks, or trusted doctors to help them navigate all of it.

Unfortunately, that problem is only getting worse. Big brands and investors are buying out neighborhood doctors, and we’re left with a more corporate experience. We call it the “Amazon Effect” of healthcare. Seniors now wait weeks for appointments, see different doctors and nurses on each visit, fight for referrals, and get automated messages instead of humans when they call. They’re treated like numbers, not people.

At Greenbrook Medical, we’re bringing back the neighborhood doctor experience with the convenience and services of a modern company. We treat our patients with the respect, care, and attention they deserve. When they do better, we do better.

Neil and Dr. Raj Machhar

Our Story

Greenbrook Medical begins with our dad, Dr. Prakash Machhar, who has been delivering an outstanding experience to his patients since 1991, and our mom, Mrs. Paresha Machhar, who to this day helps manage his clinic.  That outstanding experience is based on a simple principle – a deep, trusted relationship between our father and his patients, many of whom he has served for nearly 30 years now.  We grew up in that clinic, entertaining patients in the waiting rooms and pretending to take his patients’ vitals. 

As we grew older, we realized just how unique our dad’s approach was, because it led to not only happier patients, but also healthier patients. A strong doctor-patient relationship drove everything.  And we also observed that seniors were losing that.  So in 2021, we started opening more locations to serve seniors with our dad’s approach to primary care: senior-focused and driven by a strong doctor-patient relationship. 

Why the name
Greenbrook Medical?

We owe our parents everything.  They immigrated to America in the 1980s to create a better life for their families, and in the process of doing so, impacted the lives of thousands of others through their work.  It’s an honor, and our duty, to carry on their legacy.  

Our dad’s first clinic was in “Greenbrook Plaza”, a small, unassuming strip mall in New Port Richey.  That’s why we’ve chosen the name Greenbrook Medical, as a constant reminder of our roots and the impact we hope to achieve in every community we serve.

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