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Managing your medical care alone can feel overwhelming, especially if you need to consult with one or more specialists. At Greenbrook Medical, primary care physicians Prakash Machhar, MD and Raj Machhar, MD offer care coordination services to make it easier to manage your health care needs. The staff can schedule all of your appointments for diagnostic testing, specialist consultations, medical procedures, and preventive screenings. Call the office in New Port Richey or Seffner, Florida today to schedule a care coordination appointment or request an appointment online.

What care coordination services are available?

The staff at Greenbrook Medical offers comprehensive care coordination services to help you manage your medical treatments in one convenient place. 

Scheduling services are available for:

  • Specialist appointments
  • Same-day referrals
  • Medical procedures
  • Radiology and other diagnostic testing

They can also help you schedule transportation to your medical appointments and provide you with the authorizations you need to see any specialist you need. Even after your specialist appointments, the doctors at Greenbrook Medical will spend the time with you to explain what happened at those appointments, and develop a plan with you.

When should I consider care coordination?

The providers at Greenbrook Medical offer care coordination services for people that need additional medical care. They aim to keep people physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy by investing in whole-person medical care.

If you have a chronic health condition and need specialized care, request an appointment to discuss your options for care coordination.

When you need a referral to a specialist, the staff contacts their network of doctors to schedule appointments that fit your schedule for diagnostic testing and other medical services.

They also schedule follow-up visits after you meet with a specialist to review what happened and discuss what you need to do to move forward.

What are the benefits of care coordination?

The care coordination services available at Greenbrook Medical offer personalized assistance and convenience for people in need of medical care.

The physicians work closely with you to identify your medical needs and help you connect with the specialists you need for further diagnostic testing and treatment. That ensures you get the medical attention you need without delays.

Follow-up visits give you the opportunity to learn about your condition, so you can make the most informed decisions about your treatment with your primary care provider. The physicians can provide insight into what to expect from your specialist’s treatment plan and can help manage your ongoing care after any procedures.

By coordinating diagnostic and treatment services that meet your needs, the physicians can consistently monitor your overall health and wellness. They can also ensure you have access to the specialized medical care you need.

To learn about the benefits of the care coordination services available at Greenbrook Medical, call the office nearest you today or request an appointment online.

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